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 Hawaiian Monarch Rebellion

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Hawaiian Monarch Rebellion Empty
PostSubject: Hawaiian Monarch Rebellion   Hawaiian Monarch Rebellion Icon_minitimeMon Jan 19, 2015 9:21 am


Recent events of communications and infrastructure destabilization in Hawaii have caused dissatisfaction among the local population. A person who has traced their lineage back to the original Hawaiian Monarchy has grown popular among the Hawaiian population. Several small factions have formed gang-like group on several of the islands. The local police have been trying to counter this and have no outside help as of this time, until they are able to restore communications. Local prison or incarceration facilities have been taken over, criminals conscripted to serve and cooperate or shot should they not have taken over parts of the islands. Police are engaged in gun fights on a regular basis, and continue to lose grip of order in the region.

This scenario is mostly a land scenario. GPEO Craft are actually still at the base, but due to the area being closed down, the original naval personnel that were captured being released and regrouping back to the ships and setting up across the harbor near the ammo dumps, and keeping their ships (of which have their communications equipment broken) are forced to use light signals and close two-way radios. Local police also have their radios and have shared theirs with the GPEO Fleet. The naval personnel who were stationed on the carriers are still not free at this point, lingering in a facility across the island by the old VMC base where the original perpetrators set up their base. GPEO Personnel may still be imprisoned there.

Any suggestions of what other things could be going on there, and a possible faction to play the role as this power in the VR-World ?
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Hawaiian Monarch Rebellion
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