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 Middle East Region Border Fomrality.

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Middle East Region Border Fomrality.  Empty
PostSubject: Middle East Region Border Fomrality.    Middle East Region Border Fomrality.  Icon_minitimeFri Jan 30, 2015 4:44 pm

Iraq and other nations in the region need to formally be divided properly. These borders would not be final, since no borders are ever FINAL, but they need to be defined and set for today's usage. We need the borders marked to the extent of ISIS, Kurds, GPEO and Uatia.

GPEO occupied areas would be under the Shiite Islamic rule (the more peaceful kind), and jointly under planed Uatian annexation.

Uatia is organized in and around Baghdad and its major International Airport, bordering ISIS controlled areas north of the Taji sector stretching east to border Iran and south to meet up with GPEO.

ISIS control west and north of Uatian areas stretching into Syria and north to the Kurdish southern border.

The Kurds are bordered with Turkey and Iran, and ISIS.

GPEO currently serves as peace keeping in the region.

Shiite Islamic Nationalists wish to remain Independent, but also notice the benefit of a Uatian rule, since they may not be able to govern themselves. The region is under constant anarchy, and GPEO shipping is constantly providing humanitarian aid to the region.

Uatia is managing its government and current issues with dealing with ISIS.

ISIS seeks to govern the old Mesopotamia but may wish to get Uatia out of the region.

Kurds wish to establish an alliance with Uatia against ISIS.

This is the current situation in Iraq, in the mainstream. I think the borders should be set, and ISIS be defeated or pushed back out of Iraq to where the Kurds can be bordered with Uatia. The GPEO occupied area needs Uatia to take responsibility there, to lead the locals and to aid them in things they need. GPEO Forces would then leave or stay, depending on what Uatia wants. Perhaps maybe help Kurds and Uatia against ISIS. This will help with land battles in ArmA. Player on Player, though.
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Middle East Region Border Fomrality.
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