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 Marketing The VR-World ?

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PostSubject: Marketing The VR-World ?   Sat Apr 04, 2015 2:33 am

What does everyone think about the idea of marketing the VR-World ? Could all of the work done in the VR-World, its history (Fictional, but not really fictional, since it actually all happened, virtually), be turned into a possible form of repayment of all of the hard work we have all done, from the art and designs and the very concept of a virtual world to where it can provide services for a highly innovative virtual world platform to be used for so many different things ?

Think about it. There are clubs at colleges for various majors this entity can provide an environment for them to practice what they plan to do in the world. Why conform to the game platforms when designers can make game or simulator platforms around the VR-World, based on what our expectations and requirements are ?

Computers are getting more faster and powerful. A entire new game platform designed specifically for the VR-World scenarios can be made. A new method for education can also be implemented in the world colleges, integrated into a vast network of the man world entities. This is also the best place to have ideologies collide, where wars can be fought, where law cases and government establishments form, and virtual business using mathematics and statistics of probabilities, psychology and even the medical fields can work in. Why not make virtual characters to play roles virtually where anything can happen ?

An example would be a person playing the role of a person in the VR-World and joins the military, goes through the training process and is actually (in the real world) a troop in training. They go into the simulator and interact with other players or AI, and are assigned to a unit (A Virtual Military Unit), this virtual unit and their position in the unit will be the job they will have in the real world. Lets say they are deployed and end up having a shoot out. If they are injured, a pilot (person training to be a pilot), fly's in to conduct a rescue mission. Another player fly's fighter jet cover and protects them from the other pilot who is flying for a different cause, trying to take on the other fighter. The chopper makes it to a medical facility where the person playing the surgeon (person in medical school) must figure out what to do to help the injured troop. A physical dummy is made and is hit with the same wound the person in game received in the virtual combat space. The doctor with his staff (others in medical school) do their work. If the person playing the role of the soldier dies, they just restart and take control of another AI to practice it all again. IF they live, the medical students did their job right, and the troop can return to virtual duty. Everyone benefits, and the world is purely chaotic. Government students or those interested in government stuff can figure out ways to establish nations that maintain order and control over the vast population of the VR-World. This is where those interested in psychology can learn how to do what they do by implementing their ideas in a virtual environment. This is good for all areas, because the entire world is what the virtual world is. What a virtual world provides is the space for anyone to be or play the role of anything they want.

I don't know how such a game or virtual world simulator would be made, but together, for whoever is interested, we can probably figure it out.
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Marketing The VR-World ?
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