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 Naval Forces of Revolutionary War

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Naval Forces of Revolutionary War Empty
PostSubject: Naval Forces of Revolutionary War   Naval Forces of Revolutionary War Icon_minitimeSun Oct 08, 2017 12:00 am


Hawaii/Guam Strike Group (Carrier Strike Group 11)
CVN-68 Nimitz (With CVW-11)
CG-59 Princeton
DDG-90 Chafee
DDG-76 Higgins
DDG-53 John Paul Jones
T-AOE-10 Bridge (formed with Nimitz after Stennis went to port)

San Diego Fleet (Carrier Strike Group 7)
CVN-76 Ronald Reagan (With CVW-14) - Was in port through duration of Rev War, due to GPEO B-52 strike
CG-62 Chancellorsville
DDG-101 Gridley
DDG-83 Howard
FFG-43 Thach

San Diego Fleet 2
CVN-72 Abraham Lincoln (With CVW-2)
CG-53 Mobile Bay
DDG 86 Shoup
DDG 59 Russell
DDG-88 Preble (Grouped with CVN-72 after Stennis went to port)

Carrier Strike Group Three (Was captured by GPEO after the Battle of Seattle)
CVN-74 John C. Stennis

-The Stennis entered port in Bremerton Washington for its 6 month overhaul around a month before the Revolutionary War began. It was
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Naval Forces of Revolutionary War
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