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 Captured Bases From IRF

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PostSubject: Captured Bases From IRF   Captured Bases From IRF Icon_minitimeSun Jan 31, 2010 4:36 am

Yesterday, me Hotzoner and FSXAA Maverick Destroyed IRF's missile base. Then me and Cricket captured Interlaken MIL. Killer (codenamed IndiaRomeoFoxtrot (IRF)) shot that C-5 down i captured the base with when i was on the ground. Then i got into a eurofighter and shot killer.
Our allies have notified killer did bomb another base of ours without GPEO members online or in the session.
Today me and my brother have captured three other bases from IRF with troops supplied from GPEO. LSMM, LSMD and LSMA have been captured, while my brother gave me air cover.
Captured Bases From IRF Lsmm_210
Captured Bases From IRF Lsmd_210
Captured Bases From IRF Lsma_210
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PostSubject: Re: Captured Bases From IRF   Captured Bases From IRF Icon_minitimeMon Nov 21, 2016 11:55 pm

Dammit, was this a GPEO C-5 ? No, can't be, if it is a C-5M, we never had those. We just got C-5A's in our inventory. But if it WAS, dammit. I ma get a STICK (I'll have to edit the aircraft inventory list).

I been doing research into old ops, finding interesting historical data.

(Though, I think it would be more safe to say these events didn't happen, though this needs a sort of audit).
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Captured Bases From IRF
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