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 UMEF Crafts [revised]

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UMEF Crafts [revised] Empty
PostSubject: UMEF Crafts [revised]   UMEF Crafts [revised] Icon_minitimeSat Oct 10, 2009 11:24 pm

UMEF Airforce: (Secured from former Airforces of Israel and Jordan)
155 F15s secured from former IAF and IDF bases
65 F16s (same as f15s)
5 C17s (leased)
2 B2s ("leased")
5 C5s (leased)
50 C130s, same as f15s
100 UH60 Blackhawks
5 experimental F35s

UMEF Army (Secured from Israeli Defense Forces)
250+ Main Battle tanks, secured from all former nations' armies
70 AH64 Longbow Apache
100 AH1 Super Cobra
175 UH60 Blackhawks
50 CH47 Chinooks
50 CH53s
55 C130s and/or AC130s
500+ ground transport vehicles

UMEF Marine Corps (Secuerd former IDF)
200+ Main Battle tanks, secured from
30 AH64 Longbow Apache
75 AH1 Apaches
150 UH60 Blackhawks
50 CH47 Chinooks
75 CH53s
35 A/C130s
500+ground transport vehicle
15 F18s

UMEF Navy (Secured from IDF and Israeli Navy)
15 DDs
1 CVN (leased)
35 F16S.
70 F18s.

UMEF Defense (Secured from IDF, and surrounding militaries)
20 HAWK-2 Missile batteries
10 Patriot batteries
300+ SAM and AA/AAA
2 experimental nuclear warheads secured from an undisclosed location in Lebenon or Israel. All information regarding this is classified to all but top leaders of UMEF and GPEO.

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UMEF Crafts [revised] Empty
PostSubject: Re: UMEF Crafts [revised]   UMEF Crafts [revised] Icon_minitimeMon Oct 12, 2009 8:26 pm

I updated the list to show recent changes
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UMEF Crafts [revised]
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