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 Return to Logic before it is too late

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PostSubject: Return to Logic before it is too late   Sun Oct 24, 2010 5:33 pm

I will post this here in case some might miss it.

Now now, rendering it impossible for your resisters to resist is not right. Think of how FSXF done GPEO when they lcked their sessions, making it impossible for the mto defend or do anything.

I see that Russian ships are not under Stinger and that Chinese City's could not possibly be taken yet, due to there being no session up. IT would take Weeks to Months to capture just one Chinese City, especially if the Chinese Military was present. It would be logical to accept any kind of resistance from other groups playing the role of the Chinese Forces, so that there is actually fighting done, rather than cheap claims of having taken over something.

Pictures in ArmA are a good means of helping others get a good idea of what the other is trying to get across, but do you think it is actually logical ? I could go into FSX, start up FS Recorder, fly over China with 50 B-52's, and fighters, and have a bunch of Soviet fighters and make it all look like a battle, then another video showing cargo planes landing at airports, then make a claim that I have all of China. Even though I have a good movie on it, it will not actually mean I have China. It is better to fight for things when given the oppertunity.

Now, does ANYONE Actually think that the current Russian Military would sell or give or not protect their ships from foregin parties ? That wouldbe an act of war for someone to all out try to capture one of the Russian or Chinese City's. I can't see Americans accepting that a Cuban Government Operation over Miami, droping leaflets all over, then just blindly sending in weapons for everyone to fight, withthe promice that Cuba will give them support with their military. I wouldbe saying FUCK THAT, and all out get my Nations City back, if it was taken over.

The point of this being, I have seen both parties do illogical things. Which is getting to the point where other groups will just ignore the other, which will lead to a fucked up world again, where many will claim the same things, lik ships and land, and no one will recognize the others. It is closed-minded to not accept other parties when they do things that would be obvious in the real world if they did.

TFC wants to expand, Uatia and Stinger want to defend Chinese and Russian Territories. I see nothing wrong with either ones aims. Both sides have their reasons for something, and it is a good invironment for Black Operations and other Operatons for groups. TFC could be doing secret flights into Beijing, CCAF could also conduct CAP Operations along the Chinese Borders in sessions. I recomend the Hippy Happy one, because of its connecton, real weather and time, (I think they have real weather, but not sure).

With CCAF and TFC having a mild conflict, and there actually be ing resistance to another groups expansions, it will make things mroe fun for recruits on bothsides. PErsonally, I think that TFC should not worry so much about expanding so fast and pay more attention to Japan and Korea, and start negotiating with GPEO about those bases. Keeping in mind that Japan already hs enough industial power on its own to not need any parot of Korea, China or Russia. Keeping a small patch of land for some time allows for future growth when growth is needed. Staying in Japan will make Japanese want to join, and it allows for another potential possibility in the future for a Korean based group to start up. But, that is my opinion, it is not a suggestion or anything.

I also want all groups to examine that I am not telling other groups "The Rules" other than pointing out the logic and sense. Would it not make more sense for both groups to accept the others claims ? If both groups engage the other, count kills or losses, there is no false cliaims on anything. And I have yet to see footage showing the other party getting nailed, or any one getting engages or spotted in a session to confirm anyones claims of fighting anywhere. Hell, do a warfare mission in ArmA and see who wins that, for the attack and defense of a city. It would make mroe sense, and it is long enough to make a claim of something. Wow, did I jsut think of that on my own ? A Warfare Session in Arma, for a Chinese City ? A good 24 hour battle nonstop for a City in China, would that not belogical ? Oh, and a session for anyone doing a CAP or Leaflet drop over China, Hippy Happy server is always up, good connection, and mild realism settions are always on. Logical thinking can sometimes help both sides credabiity.

Here, I will lay it all down for you all.

TFC Wants to expand, so they drop leaflets in China, but they don't take into count that they don't even have Japan or Korea until they do champaighns in JApan, which means Election Time is not here yet, and rushing into elections infriges in Japan and Koreas Government their right to office for their full terms. GPEO and TFC must come to an agreement in order for TFC to use the VMC Inherrited bases in Japan and Korea, which were given to GPEO. TFC was given right to use N-Korea by the GPEO for defense in the event of Chinese attack, or so it is remembered.

Uatia disliked TFC's meanss of leaflet dropping into China, so they wanted to do something about it before TFC took everything over without a fight. Realizing that China would not sit back and just let that happen. Uatia sent in flyers of their own, which could effectively chainge the minds of Chinese back to Communism, or traditional Chinese ways. Stinger was bored and created CCAF, to hopfully set up a defense for Chineee City's, since he has a good knowledge and like for Ciommunist communities. It is belived that he hopes to at least have some sotrt of BARCAP of Chinese borders, in hopes that when TFC attempts to do more leaflets operations there is a logical defense ability for actual humansto defend Chinese borders. Unlike the past where groups would fly into the Capital of a City to claim they have all of the nation, by using its media and holdning their leaders at gunpint to tel leveryone how to be. It don't work that way, and it never will. The military would consume that City and force its invaders out in signt. Regardles of their leaders survivability, all they will do is elect another leader. I am sure China would accept any defense avalible.

For Stinger, or anyone having aims of aquitreing Russian or any other parties Ships. I want you to think carfully at how many of these ships personnel would go to their armories on their ships to prevent a foregin group from out right taking it. They would scuttle their ship before letting someone have it. Documents and charts would be destroyed. Think of taking a City form an enemy force. It is easier to destroy the City, then use its ruble to rebuild it. In the case of a Ship, sinking it would be easier than having thousands for troops try to capture it. And firing weapons in a submarines would be a bad idea. Carriers are worse, because they aredefensed well. I dont think Russia or China would be willing to sell their only Carriers to anyone, much less anew groups like Stingers or TFC. Logic suggests that China and Russia would do what they can to hold on to what ever Navy they have. China has a growing Navy, while Russia uses a sustaining Navy.

WCF or FSFR along with UCFS think they have or will have super carriers in a few weeks, or less. None of those groups have been around more than 3 years. GPEO is the closes group to commissining its next ships. WCF or FSFR ship building area in NZ would need resources form Austrailia or China, maybe even Indonesia or South America for their metals. Their smaller ports would take longer to produce a Carrier sized ship, makine their construction time around 4 or 5 years, meaning they should call on Korea, Japan or China to build their ships in their ports. UCFS has small ports also, but also have the resources in their land for such ship, however they have not been around more than a Year, and they would have at least 2-to-3 more years of constructiopn time to build a single carrier.

I have seen a pattern of new groups wanting to grow too fast and end up getting destroyed or being disbanded. Like stars, the brighter they shine the shorter they live. Examining FSXCG and Uatia, I Red Dwarf Stars, shining for a long time. I am sorry to say, but am being honest, and hope you examine this. I see TFC, a Blue Giant, Shining but a short time. Brilliently lit only to turn into a Negitave force of a Singularity, in the past of ACC, falling underground hating everyone. Think about this. I am not critisizing TFC, I am explainging that UMEF, also wanted to expand fast. The other VR-Worlds showed thaat those worlds lasted a short time, because someone took over the world a few times, restarting their world over and over. Same outcomes, nothing learned. This VR-World in which all are part of, does not end, it continues and it is meant to be sustainable. No loser or winner, just a world wher egorups can grow. One could just operate out of one base, and their group could grow to having thousands of members and be the b est faction in the world. One Base, not one region. But, after too many craft are there, expansion would be needed. Anyway, I want you all to think about this. And understand it as a constructive critizisem.
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Return to Logic before it is too late
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