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 Ok, Free Market Fuck up - and Fix

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Ok, Free Market Fuck up - and Fix Empty
PostSubject: Ok, Free Market Fuck up - and Fix   Ok, Free Market Fuck up - and Fix Icon_minitimeWed Nov 03, 2010 12:30 pm

No one has jobs to make money to make investments to make more jobs, topped with machines (robots) used in factories and imigrants getting hired by companies at lower pay at existing jobs; omigrints who don't invest because they are barly making ends meet their self. So, the Economy and Free Market being Fascist in nature is collapsing, where only a few Rich continue to get richer becaue they want to lower the pay for their workers taking advantage of the poor. Many Poor are losing all they have to the rich who keep sucking them dry, buying their land and homes cheap because a few thousand is much for the poor. Banks keep forclosing on the poor who have no way to pay loans back because they can't gt hired anywhere or they don't get payed enough. No middle class, no Freedom for the Poor, only starvation in the US is next.

Solutiuon: Companies should stop being greedy, to where they will pay more an hour to those who work already. Add educational shows that encourage and teach investing methods, more investers will result. With more investors, more jobs will be created from the pockets of investors. Companies should continue to encrease pay for mundaine jobs, like in factories, harvistings in crops, construction, medica fields, etc. Create more recycleing friendly products, where the individual person who collects recycleables can go and get back a little of what they buy, and where recycleing plants can sell off the resources from there to the companies again to create more products, saving income form the companies, producing more jobs, adding to the investors, where taxes continue to be low with more paying taxes, and more food production where food can be so cheap that it can be exported to Africa and South Americs, and even India and China, so they can buy it and create even more income for the companies prodicing food. Starvation will be reduced in those places, more Americans will earn more money to be able to invest and buy more property, have luxuries in their homes, pay for health care and ensurance. And will be able to sustain a constant flow of Free Market Oppertunities.

But, there is too much greed and fear in companies to pay their workers more. They also can't because no one can buy heir products, so they ship the jobs over seas to pay Chinese and other nations less for creating products faster for Americans to continue to buy, and companies reduce the pay for their workers and lay them all off because they cant pay them anymore. Hte rich CEO closes down the factories so they don't end up being poor, they collect their investments and live frugally the rest of their life, hiring their own personal workers to tend to their personal gardens, to sustain them better whiel the rest of the world starves. After all, all they have to do is keep their workers alive, as slaves, paying them jsut enough to make ends meet, cleaning their houses and tesding to their gardens and personal power plants, etc.

If anyone else can come up with soem form other than a "Venus Project" approact, do it, like I just did.
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Ok, Free Market Fuck up - and Fix
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