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 For the Record

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FSX Capital Guardians

FSX Capital Guardians

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PostSubject: For the Record   Wed Nov 03, 2010 5:40 pm

Names in perenthisis after VM names are the names of the leaders.

The Capital Guardians (Fury) were founded on August 29th, 2009 by CG-Fury. The Mission statement was simple: Regional defense of the Northeastern Seaboard.

The Original VR World era

The Original VR World was created by the GPEO (Dragnoxz), and meant to be a fun, realistic political experience for all factions involved in FSX. Quickly after the CG's creation, they were approached by Dragnoxz, the creator of the VR World, and the GPEO. The CG then established itself as a small, neutral faction, carrying out their mission statement.

It wasn't very long however, before turmoil reached the VR World. Several factions were unhappy with the GPEO, and as time went on, the CG was getting less and less pleased with the GPEO as well. It was only a matter of time before things exploded.

Several factions got together, and began plotting the attack on the GPEO. It was originally meant to be a joint effort between the CG, IOF (Corsi), and UMEF (Archer/Ghost) (who later became the WDF). Within a week, a plan was formulated, and a D-Day was set. The name of the mission was Operation: Liberty Bell (UMEF dubbed Operation: Downfall)

As D-Day quickly approached, tensions between the UMEF and the GPEO were deteriorating. The CG continued to hold a neutral posture, with the intent of a surprise attack on the GPEO when the plan came together. It was quickly realized that in order to maintain the strategic surprise, D-Day would have to be moved forward. The world was on the brink of war.

D-Day had arrived, and the joint attack had started. The CG made the first moves, with a burst missile attack on Oceania NAS, and Norfolk Harbor. Targets included the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, Oceania, and the Drydocks at Norfolk. Minimal civilian casualties were inflicted, and the target was deemed successfully destroyed From there, the bomber contingent continued south, and launched another Burst Missile at Cherry Point, leveling the airfield. The mission was deemed a success, and the flight returned to Andrews.

As for the UMEF strike group, things did not go as smoothly. With the GPEO expecting an attack, they had positioned a large portion of their forces there, and put up a long and hard fight against the UMEF. The UMEF front line was slowly making painful progress.

The next morning, with a brief gap in the conflict on the UMEF front in the Middle East, the GPEO took the advantage to strike back at the CG. They quickly moved up through Virginia, electing to capture airbases, not destroy them. The CG scrambled fighters, to little success. When it was realized that the GPEO force was going to reach Andrews, an element of the 12th Bombardier Wing were scrambled, and ordered to destroy the runway. Other CG aircraft were evacuated from Andrews, and moved to McGuire AFB, or the CG Base in the Adirondacks.

With Operation: Liberty Bell being deemed a partial failure, the CG took a content position in the Original VR World, while the GPEO and UMEF continued to fight in the Middle East.

The Second VR World era

Shortly after Operation: Liberty Bell, several factions, including the CG joined the "Second VR World". Many looked upon this world as being superior to the original, and was also free of the GPEO, seen as abusing their power and breaking set VR World rules.

In this VR World, the CG had a more active worldwide position, but did not get involved in any conflicts. The CG also helped sculpt the idea of the vUN, and the financial system used in the third and fourth VR Worlds.

The GPEO also received several brutal losses against other factions, including the nuking of several key facilities in the Original VR World. Many believe this was the work of the UMEF. The GPEO came quite close to disbanding, and for a while, the Original VR World was considered "dead"

The CG later left this VR World, due to the WDF (Former UMEF) taking complete dominance of the world.

The Interim era

During the interim era, the CG nearly fell apart, due to inactivity. CG-Fury handed off power to CG-Blackace, and Fury quietly retired from the VM scene. He stuck around as an analyst for a long time, however.

Near the end of the interim era, CG-Fury came back, and took command of the 15th AWACS/FAC wing.

Back to the Basics

The CG has recently rejoined the Original VR World, and their return was initially widely welcomed by international factions. Conflict quickly developed however, after false intelligence was given to the vUN assembly, suggesting that the Capital Guardians were planning a second Liberty Bell. The High Command made a vary direct, and blunt statement: "We are not planning another Liberty Bell." After heavy negotiations, with the conflict almost going hot on at least two confirmed accounts, the "Liberty Bell Dispute" has come to a close. The Capital Guardians are enjoying a time of great prosperity, and continue to maintain their mission, providing regional defense to the Northeastern Seaboard.

The vUN and the GPEO-VFF conflict

Shortly after the incident, the Capital Guardians were invited to join the vUN. After roughly a week of little activity, and the continued arguments between the VFF (Reverend) and GPEO over territory, the VFF immediately decided to go to war with the GPEO. Within only a few minutes of the VFF declaring war, the CG declared Defense Option 2, and shut down its airspace. High Command was concerned that the conflict might spill over into Capital Guardian airspace, and wanted to prevent that.

After a controversial attack on the GPEO, in which the VFF claims nukes were deployed, their second in command "Cag" who was supposedly at NORAD in Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado, claimed that the GPEO was launching ICBMs at every single VM. Many VM's fell for the bluff, and immediately declared war on the GPEO. Shortly after the VFF claimed Victory.

The hot topic in the vUN was what to do about the GPEO, and Dragnoxz. The VFF convinced everyone to vote their CO, Reverend, as the "Chairman of the vUN". The CG found this to be controversial, stating that the chairman of the vUN should not be a high ranking member of a faction, and have no voting power. Everyone else disagreed. The VFF, along with their rubber stamp assembly, wanted to evict the GPEO, along with Dragnoxz from the VR World. The CG maintained that it was impossible to evict an entire faction, along with a person from the VR World, stressing that it was illogical. Once Fury realized that he could not win that debate, he resorted to another recently passed article, stating that any VM or Person removed from the VR World has the right to stand trial. The CG wished for Dragnoxz to at least be allowed to stand trial. Again, the CG was shot down. Reverend believed that the CG was trying to undermine him, since they were the only ones standing in his way of "kicking" out the GPEO. It was believed that the VFF was in the process of drawing war plans to attack the CG, along with the backing of several VMs. The CG saw this coming, and immediately began preparations to counterattack when it came. They were not going to take a punch and not retaliate. If it hadn't been for the VFF quickly falling apart beneath Reverend, and Dragnoxz proving that what the VFF was doing was technically "illogical, and were false claims", the CG would have probably been overrun.

GPEO-VFF Conflict Resolution

The VFF immediately withdrew, taking along the OMBU (Nick B.) and FSXAW (Camille) with them, to start their own "New VR World". Theirs fell apart within 5 days. The OMBU and FSXAW are currently in the process of returning to the VR World. Reverend has rejoined the GPEO. Cag's fate is currently unknown. The resolution in this conflict brought the CG to a high point in world influence.

The following conflicts are overlapping

CG-OMBU Conflict

Within a short time after the VFF's departure, OMBU, and several other factions rejoined the VR World. The OMBU rejoined, and set up shop in Ohio. The CG began launching wargames with the OMBU, in the hopes of helping the OMBU be a logical faction, and grow closer to one another as a group, as well as with the CG.

Shortly after the first two war games, however, protests erupted outside the Capital Guardian Embassy in Dayton, Ohio. The first few protests remained peaceful. They slowly got larger and larger, and eventually got out of control. Similar protests erupted outside the OMBU embassy in Washington DC.

The first incident of a violent protest came when a protester hurled a Molotov Cocktail over the embassy fence. No one was injured, but it forced embassy personnel to use tear gas to quell the protest. A similar incident erupted outside the OMBU embassy.

Both governments launched an investigation into the conflict, and found that it had been the work of an ultra-nationalist faction in the OMBU. The OMBU immediately launched a sting operation to take it out, and eventually succeeded.


Side note: Uatia and CG formed a Mutual Protection Pact (Pre-GUD), which later became a Non Aggression Pact after the CG consolidated its position on MPPs.

During the OMBU-CG conflict, an alliance, called GUD (Global Unit of Determination) was formed by Uatia (MC Sics). GUD's goal was to aid new factions in learning the ropes of the VR World. GUD played a fairly large role in the OMBU-CG conflict. Although it was unknown to the CG at the time, Uatia was secretly encouraging the OMBU to be excessively aggressive. The conflict between the OMBU and CG was quickly getting out of hand, and might have gone hot, if Uatia had not stepped in (This is highly debated between historians. Some saw it as meddling, while others saw it as an act of heroism.)

The CG received a tip from an informant in the OMBU that GUD was planning to attack the CG, after their campaign in China (against TFC (Former WDC/ADC/UMEF)) ended. The High Command noted the intel, and attempted to make favorable political ties with the OMBU, in an attempt to prevent a conflict.

As the GUD campaign was wrapping up in China, the CG received a threat from Uatia, validating their intel that GUD was planning to attack the CG, at the conclusion of the Chinese campaign. Negotiations for a peaceful settlement kicked off, and little ground was made. The following day, the CG brought the conversation to international attention, however they received a lot of political flak, and war was imminent.

GUD declared war, and the first fight, set on Halloween, was very rough. Seeing that the only option to make the war even slightly "winnable", High Command elected to deploy burst missiles on OMBU bases. The strikes were made, and successfully crippled the OMBU's air combat capabilities. The CG then made it clear that they had no interest in waging an offensive campaign. High command continued attempting to negotiate a peaceful settlement, but GUD seemed bent on trying to eliminate the CG at all costs.

Departure Yet Again

Fed up with the bull they had put up with for so long, the Capital Guardians elected to leave the VR World. However they wanted their VM to serve as a lesson, and as a role model for future VMs, to see how the conflicts had unfolded.

May the Capital Guardians legacy never be forgotten!


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FSX Capital Guardians

FSX Capital Guardians

Posts : 149
Join date : 2009-10-20
Location : Washington DC

PostSubject: Re: For the Record   Wed Nov 03, 2010 5:48 pm

I have posted this as a written record of the Capital Guardians. I hope it teaches you something, and serves as a constant reminder of who we were. It was once said that we were a very honorable faction, with wisdom that far surpassed our age. I hope you can learn from us.

Let us never be forgotten!

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PostSubject: Re: For the Record   Wed Nov 03, 2010 6:29 pm

This is what happens when you have arrogant fucks running around like they own the whole world. Im not naming any names, but you all know who you are. CG, even though we had many differences, I always respected your ability to decide which conflicts to get involved in, and which to remain neutral. I consider the CG as one of the founding members of the VW, and losing the CG is a message to all who are involved. The whole concept of the VW is to have fun in a realistic, simulation-style environment. Recently, however, groups such as the OMBU, and the FSXAA (under my command) have corrupted this purpose. What has the VW come to? This needs to be taken as an opportunity to analyze how the world is operating, and possibly to make changes. I am the last person who should be lecturing on this topic, but something must be done. A**hole out.
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PostSubject: Re: For the Record   Wed Nov 03, 2010 6:34 pm

For once... I actually agree with the A**hole...
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OMBU Nick Bernow

OMBU Nick Bernow

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PostSubject: Re: For the Record   Wed Nov 03, 2010 6:35 pm

huh Maverick, I wonder, didn't you ever THINK about why I left your world......
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FSX Capital Guardians

FSX Capital Guardians

Posts : 149
Join date : 2009-10-20
Location : Washington DC

PostSubject: Re: For the Record   Wed Nov 03, 2010 6:36 pm

annnd... topic is locked to prevent bashing of the noggins.

Please take your head bashing elsewhere, not our history.
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PostSubject: Re: For the Record   

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For the Record
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