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 Reverend, lol, Ego running him.

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PostSubject: Reverend, lol, Ego running him.   Mon Nov 22, 2010 9:29 pm

Below is me trying to be honest, and trying to explain to Reverend what went wrong. He got into the call with me and MC, but never listened to what I had to say, and he left before I could send the last 2 messages. See how closed-minded can cause one to say "I should get the land anyway, because you fucked up" ? No, he went into the VR-World without a good understanding of how it all works. No one gets everything for nothing, especially in one week. I hope he reads this, and sees how ignorant and egotistical he sounds, only listing to himself.

[9:42:43 PM] Reverend: Yo, can we talk when you're free?
[9:42:57 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): Text
[9:43:00 PM] *** Missed call from Reverend. ***
[9:43:10 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): Traitor ! You left GPEO for OMBU !?
[9:43:42 PM] Reverend: GPEO seemed up and dry, and you never really did give me a post officially.
[9:43:53 PM] Reverend: Seemed like none of the pilots were ever doing anything.
[9:44:01 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): You never joined the Recruits group !
[9:44:08 PM] Reverend: You never mentioned it.
[9:44:13 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): I was hoping on training you
[9:44:30 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): Did you ever check your GPEO PM's on the GPEO Forum ?
[9:47:03 PM] Reverend: I did, but like I said before, I hardly ever go on the forums.
[9:47:34 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): The forum is one of the primary places to schedule things.
[9:56:30 PM] Reverend: I would much rather a TS or Skype, tbh.
[9:56:38 PM] Reverend: Like I said as well, VFF will be returning.
[9:57:04 PM] Reverend: Until we can get the 10 active members we need, we're hosted with OMBU. They've been VFF's primary support, and ally, since we started.
[9:57:18 PM] Reverend: Provided land and supplies, housing, flyover, territories, you name it.
[9:57:23 PM] Reverend: They deserve the extra help.
[9:57:55 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): They need help, for sure.
[9:58:09 PM] Reverend: Don't wage war on them on my behalf.
[9:58:39 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): Nick pissed me off, and I am pissed, because I feel betratyed.
[9:58:56 PM] Reverend: I'm still supporting GPEO.
[9:59:23 PM] Reverend: It's just that Lee wanted to get a realistic Navy up and running, and OMBU had no navy, and needed our help by request.
[9:59:32 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): And your friend, Fly, rejected to join GPEO along with you.
[10:00:01 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): OMBU has NY Harbor, he cant possibly build enough ships to form a good navy i a short amount of time.
[10:00:30 PM] Reverend: He has VFF's Navy. I never decommissioned them. I hid them in the atlantic. They returned to NY Harbor.
[10:00:41 PM] Reverend: And as for territory...
[10:00:50 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): You also stated you had 10 Carriers.
[10:00:59 PM] Reverend: I want to bring VFF's territory back, under OMBU's temporary command.
[10:01:06 PM] Reverend: I reformatted the inventory.
[10:01:07 PM] Reverend: We have 3.
[10:01:26 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): Which 3 ?
[10:01:44 PM] Reverend: USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, USS Harry S. Truman, and USS Iwo Jima.
[10:01:46 PM] *** †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC) sent GM-3.6 - Editing 01.png ***
[10:01:58 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): Are you sure ?
[10:02:07 PM] Reverend: That's the ones I had before VFF left.
[10:02:24 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): I did the research onto the Global Carrier layout.
[10:02:42 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): All carriers are in use by factions.
[10:02:49 PM] Reverend: I could truly care less who currently owns what. I'm taking back what VFF initially had.
[10:02:57 PM] Reverend: They were never decomissioned.
[10:03:09 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): Groups some times join the VR-World thinking they have everything.
[10:03:29 PM] Reverend: I don't think it Dragnoxz... I know what I have.
[10:03:34 PM] Reverend: I had it before we left.
[10:03:39 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): 500 B-1's ?
[10:03:41 PM] Reverend: I never retired it to anyone else.
[10:03:46 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): Googld B-1 Bombers
[10:03:46 PM] Reverend: IT'S BEEN REFORMATTED!
[10:03:59 PM] Reverend: You must've changed the rules after VFF left.
[10:04:11 PM | Edited 10:04:55 PM] Reverend: But not the same inventory
[10:04:12 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): The Carriers have been occupied since before the Revolutionary War.
[10:04:39 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): The Real world as a Shoot off, borders are different, land been nuked, etc. ame idea though.
[10:05:01 PM] Reverend: Not the same inventories.
[10:05:05 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): Logic, sense, with creativity.
[10:05:15 PM] Reverend: Because otherwise... OMBU would have none of their beloved Brotherhood.
[10:05:30 PM] Reverend: FSFR wouldn't have their billion ballistic missiles.
[10:05:35 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): Yea, some Stealth craft have been traded, to other factions over time.
[10:05:39 PM] Reverend: You wouldn't have the F-22GU.
[10:05:53 PM] Reverend: I could care less what is said, Dragnoxz.
[10:06:03 PM] Reverend: I never had to record active inventory.
[10:06:11 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): They don't have Billions, you need to call them out on it, and if you see GPEO illogically doing things, call it out.
[10:06:13 PM] Reverend: So VFF will have what I remember having before.
[10:06:35 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): You don't need torecord all you inventory.
[10:06:51 PM] Reverend: Then why are you bitching at me for claiming what I have?
[10:07:00 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): F-22's were GPEO and FSXF operated, we modified the VC and painted it to GPEO. trning it into the GU/
[10:07:27 PM] Reverend: Alright. What I'm saying is that VFF will have access to what they last had the day before we left.
[10:07:43 PM] Reverend: Being the ships and aircraft we used.
[10:07:50 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): You thught you had all of the USA and South Americaqan places.
[10:07:57 PM] Reverend: I did.
[10:08:00 PM] Reverend: You gave it to me.
[10:08:11 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): No groups could capture all of that withon 10 years
[10:08:12 PM] Reverend: I surrendered South America.
[10:08:17 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): I gave no one any land.
[10:08:21 PM] Reverend: VFF was BASED out of USA.
[10:08:31 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): $nake thought he did, but it was not legal.
[10:08:38 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): Based, not owned.
[10:08:47 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): The fine print is there.
[10:08:54 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): As written
[10:09:17 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): Operated, Based, Owned, Occupied, all different.
[10:09:40 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): Like th eFalkland ISlands, the RCOE wanted, they said it was theirs, but they were new, and never had it.
[10:10:29 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): GPEO land was never given away, $nake had no authority to do so, and thus groups went into GPEO land, thinking GPEO gave it to them, when it was $nake, claiming to be the GPEO director who gave them it.
[10:10:46 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): If your brother gave your car to a friend, how would you feel ?
[10:11:01 PM] Reverend: Alright, when we entered the VR-World, we were granted all US territory that was unowned at the time as our base of operations.
[10:11:23 PM] Reverend: That was never changed at all.
[10:11:32 PM] Reverend: Even when you came back, you said nothing about it to me.
[10:11:33 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): NOTHING is unclaimed or unowned.
[10:11:48 PM] Reverend: VFF is returning to the VR world as of now.
[10:11:55 PM] Reverend: Keyword: Returning.
[10:11:57 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): White areas are NOT unclaimed, they are AI, they are Neutral.
[10:12:07 PM] Reverend: I request Louisiana be returned to VFF.
[10:12:28 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): NEVER !
[10:12:39 PM] Reverend: Then how the hell do I get back on the map?
[10:12:52 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): You want to get VFF back ?
[10:12:57 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): On the Map ?
[10:13:01 PM] Reverend: I want ALL of the VFF back on the map.
[10:13:09 PM] Reverend: I never decommissioned it.
[10:13:15 PM] Reverend: Therefore it was never "AI"
[10:13:42 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): Ok, Coolman recovered historical records of the past, and found that we actually captured California.
[10:13:56 PM | Edited 10:14:02 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): You operated out of Nelis, remember ?
[10:14:03 PM] Reverend: That's not Calif.
[10:14:07 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): I know
[10:14:08 PM] Reverend: That's Nevada.
[10:14:19 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): Ok, then, I guess Nelis is still yours.
[10:14:29 PM] Reverend: We used Nellis, Tyndall (With your permission) Cherry Point MCAS, New Orleans NAS, and Miramar MCAS.
[10:14:55 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): I will be honest with you, ok, but you must nunderstand, without getting all pissed off.
[10:15:16 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): ACCEPT !?
[10:15:25 PM] Reverend: Y'know what? I don't want on the fucking map. Your shit is too damn complicated. You changed it all on me. All my territory and shit down the drain? WITHOUT my approval.
[10:15:33 PM] Reverend: All the rules changed
[10:15:41 PM] Reverend: All my territory and inventory gone.
[10:15:42 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): What rules ?
[10:15:57 PM] Reverend: I told you myself not to remove VFF from the map, and that we'd be gone on ELOA/
[10:16:18 PM] Reverend: And you go and do it anyways.
[10:16:23 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): Common Sense, Logic. I need you to know what you have from the begining, so you don't get confuzed.
[10:16:42 PM] Reverend: I had 90% of all US territory at the start.
[10:17:02 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): Call MC Sics, lets talk.
[10:17:13 PM] Reverend: Add him.
[10:17:18 PM] *** Missed call from Reverend. ***
[10:17:21 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): No group owns all the USA at their start.
[10:19:46 PM] Reverend: Fuck it.
[10:19:50 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): Listen
[10:19:54 PM] Reverend: No. I'm done.
[10:19:57 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): k
[10:20:01 PM] Reverend: You either listen to me or I'm out.
[10:20:13 PM] Reverend: I'm not taking the shit off of Snake's ass.
[10:20:14 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): You didn't let me talk.
[10:20:27 PM] Reverend: I'm making a DEMAND.
[10:20:33 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): You need to understand how it all works.
[10:20:43 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): Did you read the VR-World Fix ?
[10:20:45 PM] Reverend: Either I get ALL unowned US territory, like I had before, or I'm out.
[10:21:07 PM] Reverend: I don't care about the fix.
[10:21:22 PM] Reverend: I get shit taken, and I get pissed because I couldn't do shit about it.
[10:21:23 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): IT don't work that way, you never owned it, because how could one just all out get it without doing anything to gewt it. It is not like you get it all for nothing.
[10:21:37 PM] Reverend: If I never owned it, why was it never brought up?
[10:21:38 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): You never had anything taken. It is all natrual.
[10:21:57 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): I can fix this issue, but you need to listen to what I say.
[10:21:59 PM] Reverend: If I never owned it, why was it marked under my command?
[10:22:07 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): No rules were changed.
[10:22:09 PM] Reverend: The only fix is me getting ALL the territory back.
[10:22:23 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): I never marked it yours, someone else did
[10:22:27 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): I was gone, remember ?
[10:22:35 PM] Reverend: Then why didn't YOU change it when you came back?
[10:22:42 PM] Reverend: Instead of marking it as "debated"
[10:22:55 PM] Reverend: I'm done fighting with you Dragnoxz.
[10:23:08 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): I didn't know how to brieng it up to you without you getting all pissed off at my, like you aqre now. So, there, I admit, I didn't know how to break the news to you.
[10:23:11 PM] Reverend: Too much shit. Too many lies.
[10:23:33 PM] Reverend: Then this is all your fault, and therefore I should still have all the territory.
[10:23:36 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): No, there are no lies, there is an illusion you gained, believing you owned so much.
[10:23:44 PM] Reverend: Fuck it.
[10:23:47 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): No.
[10:24:25 PM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC): Why are you being closed-minded ? I can actually help, but all you need to do is drop the Ego and listen to what I am telling you.
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PostSubject: Re: Reverend, lol, Ego running him.   Mon Nov 22, 2010 9:47 pm

what is up with all these people making demands all of a sudden?
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Chinese zodiac : Goat
Posts : 178
Join date : 2010-09-28
Age : 27
Location : Tuscaloosa/Gadsden, Alabama

PostSubject: Re: Reverend, lol, Ego running him.   Mon Nov 22, 2010 10:03 pm

Then the guy added me to a skype conversation and this ensued:

There was a call I didn't join.

[10:49:46 PM] VFF-FADM(*****)-Reverend: Important.
[10:49:52 PM] theunforgiving1: cant talk right now bro
[10:49:57 PM] oh no its blaze
[10:49:57 PM] VFF-FADM(*****)-Reverend: Anyone with FSX needs to be in here.
[10:49:57 PM] theunforgiving1: can text tho
[10:50:07 PM] theunforgiving1: love ya too bud
[10:50:17 PM] ACOD- John "Archer": Anyone with FSX needs to be in here.Anyone???
[10:50:27 PM] theunforgiving1: why?
[10:51:03 PM] VFF-FADM(*****)-Reverend: Everyone*
[10:51:05 PM] C5 Galaxy Demo Team-Sparky: blaze do u know anyone in Ak name sparky?
[10:51:10 PM] theunforgiving1: yup
[10:51:16 PM] C5 Galaxy Demo Team-Sparky: hi glad see yea again =)
[10:51:23 PM] theunforgiving1: so whats up
[10:51:23 PM] C5 Galaxy Demo Team-Sparky: lol
[10:51:24 PM] Joaquin Curate: hey now
[10:52:09 PM] C5 Galaxy Demo Team-Sparky: nm lol
[10:52:16 PM] VFF-FADM(*****)-Reverend: Here's the situation. I need VMs for my world.
[10:52:23 PM] VFF-FADM(*****)-Reverend: First come, first serve.
[10:52:29 PM] blazefox2: not interested bro sorry
[10:52:36 PM] blazefox2: i quit all vm's remember
[10:52:59 PM] ACOD- John "Archer": i've seen how you run things, no way will I ever be interested
[10:55:01 PM] C5 Galaxy Demo Team-Sparky:
[10:56:40 PM] ACOD- John "Archer": hey guys... look at this:
[10:57:11 PM] VFF-FADM(*****)-Reverend: I need VMs for the world. First come, first serve. Territories are being handed out as we speak.
[10:57:30 PM] ACOD- John "Archer": lol... why would I want to be a part of your world?
[10:57:49 PM] VFF-FADM(*****)-Reverend: Because it's not as complicated as Dragnoxz's corrupt system.
[10:57:54 PM] VFF-FADM(*****)-Reverend: It's simpler.
[10:58:03 PM] VFF-FADM(*****)-Reverend: It's open for more VMs.
[10:58:06 PM] ACOD- John "Archer": ... please tell me how it's corrupt
[10:58:12 PM] VFF-FADM(*****)-Reverend: It's not limited by real-world BS.
[10:58:20 PM] ACOD- John "Archer": becasue it just looks like your just butt-hurt
[10:58:50 PM] VFF-FADM(*****)-Reverend: ... please tell me how it's corruptIt's corrupt because VFF had huge amounts of territory, and they lose it all because one of the VR's admins fucked up.
[10:59:00 PM] VFF-FADM(*****)-Reverend: AKA Dragnoxz and $nake.
[10:59:11 PM] ACOD- John "Archer": VFF never existed
[10:59:17 PM] VFF-FADM(*****)-Reverend: Did too. I ran it, ass.
[10:59:26 PM] VFF-FADM(*****)-Reverend: It was put on the world, too.
[10:59:29 PM] ACOD- John "Archer": ah... insultes... how petty
[10:59:35 PM] VFF-FADM(*****)-Reverend: I'm not starting this again.
[10:59:40 PM] VFF-FADM(*****)-Reverend: Either yes, or gtfo.
[11:00:11 PM] VFF-FADM(*****)-Reverend: This is MY goddamn world. If you don't wanna listen to my terms, then get the fuck out.
[11:00:26 PM] VFF-FADM(*****)-Reverend: Don't dare criticize me when I added you into this chat.
[11:00:34 PM] ACOD- John "Archer": seems rather demanding of you...
Is this how your going to run your world? As a tryant?
You are unfit for such a duty, you will fail.
[11:00:41 PM] VFF-FADM(*****)-Reverend: Or I will rip off your head and shit down your fucking throat.
[11:00:54 PM] VFF-FADM(*****)-Reverend: Now if that's all you have for me... get the FUCK OUT!
[11:01:03 PM] ACOD- John "Archer": no
[11:01:46 PM] ACOD- John "Archer": kick me out if you really want me gone
[11:01:52 PM] ACOD- John "Archer": tyrant
[11:02:03 PM] C5 Galaxy Demo Team-Sparky: tyrantEnglish please o.O
[11:02:03 PM] *** Call ended ***
[11:02:19 PM] VFF-FADM(*****)-Reverend: I would've if I had the power, but I have an easier idea...
[11:02:24 PM] *** VFF-FADM(*****)-Reverend has left ***
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PostSubject: Re: Reverend, lol, Ego running him.   

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Reverend, lol, Ego running him.
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