International Telecommunications Transmission Network
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PostSubject: Standpoint   Mon Apr 09, 2012 3:06 am

I personally am sick of all the political riff-raff and blatant disrespect from anyone involved, and WE all know who we are, myself included. I would've hoped that starting a new world would've gotten a bit more response from a few people, such as CG (The Northeast US is still unowned on the other world) and a few others, but with the lack of interest (Especially with all the disrespect going on pretty much everywhere) I have decided to post-pone the creation of the other world. I'm not going to simply build that and have the same problems here over there. We all need to step back, take a breath, and grow the fuck up. Seriously, it's worse than kinder-gardeners fighting over who gets to play with the toy cars and who gets the blocks.

TFC remains active on the VR-World, and our airspace is hereby declared a No Fly Zone to both GPEO, OCU/IDN/ADF, and any of their associates until this disrespect and bullshit blows over.

GPEO, you've got until 0400 CST, 10 APR 2012 to get your assets out of the Crimsonian Region Sea and surrounding areas, or the vessels will be shipyarded and their crews arrested. They've been in the area long enough to do whatever they needed to do, and I've come to decide that they are indeed a security threat.

I will allow for civilian aircraft and unarmed military aircraft to enter the No Fly Zone, so long as they are escorted by TFC assets, and they will be inspected upon landing at any of our controlled areas and searched. Weapons, explosives, drugs, or anything else deemed contraband will be confiscated in the event they are discovered, and the entire crew, including civilians, will be arrested for attempted terrorist action on TFC.

Questions, comments, complaints or concerns should be sent to me via Skype (shadownightalpha) or via PM.
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