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 Latin America

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PostSubject: Latin America   Wed Jun 13, 2012 7:31 am

As a result of the loss of our MiG-29 who bravely flew outnumbered against the Black Aces recently, I have been compelled to rethink our strategy in Central and North America realizing the Black Aces have reach capability of the entire south western United States as well as northern to central Mexico. On top of this SIN intelligence believes OCU has a large military technology development facility somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico, and are preparing to begin constructing several of their "energy facilites" on the coasts of severl Latin American countries. Due to the fact that the Black Aces and OCU have offically annouced they are allies, what this appears to be is a possible attempt to either choke off Mexico and Latin America from the rest of North America, or perhaps a set up to conqure and divide the lands for themselves. Eventually, smaller countries like Cuba, Panama, and Columbia will have no choice but to accept their governments as well. Considering GPEO and TFC (TFC being another OCU ally) will both have forces in and around the United States as well, all I see is a set up for disaster and more fighting for territories that already belong to free people. In order to prevent the war mongering hordes from establishing their governments in the lands of free peoples, I have found a politcal leader among the people of Mexico who will stand up against this menace and keep it at bay before it can consume them. SIN will begin smuggling MiG-21s, F-5s, and F-20s into Mexico in order to support the newely establish Mexican Rebel Air Force. We will accomplish this by using hosted FSX session in free flight and training lobbys to smuggle equipment into Mexico via aircraft and ships. We will acknowledge the destruction of any of our transport vehicles should they be intercepted by any VM, just as we accepted the destruction of our MiG-29 over Arizona. We expect all VMs to do the same. Honor and integrity are not virtues any of your groups are known to have so I ask that you raise yourselves to SIN standards.

-Black Wing-
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PostSubject: Re: Latin America   Wed Jun 13, 2012 9:53 am

As long as you are hosting your own session and it mentions the ITTN Virtual World somewhere in the description of the session, that is fine.

We usually use the session name BLACK ACES Ops and put the session in the competitions lobby.

A good session name for your sessions would be S.I.N. Ops.
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PostSubject: Re: Latin America   Wed Jun 13, 2012 11:29 am

Actually, what I think they're trying to do is play a game of "catch me if you can". Since they're "smuggling" now, they'll be using sessions other than their own. At least that's the impressing I'm under. And if I'm correct, we're supposed to play cat and mouse and look out for ships. I'm guessing playable cargo boats and ocean liners. If they used military boats that would be a dead give away. And then we should probably keep an eye out for civil cargo aircraft in sessions who's destination is in or around Mexico. That's a whole lot of hide and seek if I'm understanding this correctly. If they used a SIN session we'd know right away what's going on. And since there would only be few of them in the session we'd find them right away and sink or shoot them down right away. So they're using other people's sessions to "blend in". Please, correct me if I'm wrong. Well, if you're going to play it this way SIN at least limit yourselves to using 24/7 servers. Preferably ones with active ATC so radio traffic can be monitored and interrogations of civil vehicles are not misconstrued by the session host. Please, do not just use some John Nobody's personal session and try to claim your smuggling was legit. However, when you're flying attack missions I demand you use the traditional method of Session hosting that we all use. Otherwise your attacks will not be recognized by OCU. I cannot speak for anyone else. This is all I have to say.

OCU Vice President
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PostSubject: Re: Latin America   Wed Jun 13, 2012 8:30 pm

Well, SIN. It appears the GPEO is withdrawing from the US. Or, shall I say, withdrawing its hardware. The GPEO Military personnel may end up as civilians, or rebel forces, defending their own homes from terrorist, and oppressive governments that may form in the regions of the US. There is the Independent State of Texas, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, the merged Carolinas, KY, VA, WV, and TN all ready to defend their lands, as we seem to be milting into the land as its own indigenous protectors of freedom. It is their choice weather to help another freedom loving force, or to prevent terrorist attacks from a force that claims to fight freedom. The only problem I see, is that I didn't see the SIN directly attack anyone, other than a tango with the new Independent State of Arizona. Every US state is capable of forming their own independence. Mexico is big, large population, hard workers and many strive to be free. Its history has had many revolutions, and many battles in the past, but no air battles, other than possible drug related air battles, lol.
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PostSubject: Re: Latin America   

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Latin America
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