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 GPEO/Iraqi Corporatist Front Line Clashes

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PostSubject: GPEO/Iraqi Corporatist Front Line Clashes   Fri May 31, 2013 12:28 am

The GPEO's 11th Infantry division reported clashes along the front line. The fighting started at 09:50 Iraqi local time, 01:50 EST. An pare of enemy APC's attacked one of our patrols, killing 8 troops before help arrived, then an additional 6 more troops were killed in the fight. An enemy APC and IFV loaded with troops were engaged, the IFV was captured and the APC destroyed, as well as an enemy T-72 destroyed. It is believed the T-72 was responsible for the deaths of the first 8 GPEO soldiers killed in the clashes. The fight ended at around 10:10 Iraqi local time, 02:10 EST. 38 Iraqi Corporatist Troops were counted among the dead, along with 14 GPEO Troops.
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GPEO/Iraqi Corporatist Front Line Clashes
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