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 UIA Political Operation VFF Declasified

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UIA Political Operation VFF Declasified Empty
PostSubject: UIA Political Operation VFF Declasified   UIA Political Operation VFF Declasified Icon_minitimeWed Oct 13, 2010 1:33 am

After a "UN Style" Group, made up of multiple factions declared support to the VFF in a Decleration of war onto the GPEO, the UIA conducted a political exposion of this "UN Style" Group, in order to cause its collapse.

After an 'unknown' GPEO agent alledgedly contacted officials of the VFF about GPEO Gurila Forces moving into attack the "UN Style" group, the VFF ordered all factions to declare war. The GPEO responded with a UIA operation, exposing the false claims of a GPEO planned attack, which caused most of the "UN Style" group to lose support in the "UN Style" group. they in turn showed their support to the GPEO when the alledged agent of the GPEO came to and announced that he was a Flight Officer of the GPEO and knew nothing of any attack.

The VFF advisor, Cag, was exposed as the one who triggered the short conflict among the two groups, which lead toward the down fall of the VFF, externally and internally. The VFF had almost every other group targeting them. The GPEO Leader was contacted by the VFF Leader, and a diplomatic talk took place. During the talk, the GPEO explained the UIA operation, and the VFF was convenced that Joining the GPEO would be a better idea, rather than fighting or rebuilding the VFF again.

GPEO attempted to explain that the VFF can be lifted from being under the UIA preasure, and that the other groups would eventually stop targeting the VFF as a threat. Basically trying to say that there ws mercy among the GPEO lead UIA operationm which had justifyingly exposed the corrupt advisor.

The former VFF leader is now undergoing fighter training in the GPEO.

The former VFF Advisor is also joined into the GPEO, and is in AWACS Leadership Training.

Other VFF personnel might slowly join the GPEO. VFF Craft and hardwear has also been trnsfered to the GPEO Community.

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UIA Political Operation VFF Declasified
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