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 Going Back on Old Ways?

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PostSubject: Going Back on Old Ways?   Wed Jun 20, 2012 2:46 pm

Seems a little while ago the UIA in agreement with GPEO decided that this forum would be moderated to prevent harassment via crude comments, insults, use of language, among other faults, yet I have seen several comments made by different factions and organizations that have made it seem like, even after the revamping of the forums, we are falling back on our old ways. The ITTN is not the place to argue and fight, throwing crude insults and calling people names. It is meant to be a peaceful place to stay informed of operations going on in the VR-World. I do not mean to point any fingers, but it seems that since S.I.N. has announced its presence, things have been getting... hectic. If the use of language continues, and cannot be moderated, TFC will mark all offenders as non-existant on the world. It is a rule to maintain PEACEFUL CONVERSATION on the ITTN. The UIA should not be lenient against those who make repeated offenses.
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PostSubject: Re: Going Back on Old Ways?   Wed Jun 20, 2012 2:53 pm

Yes, what you say is agreed. I think SIN and Black Aces should return to their political composure. They could laway settel thing through PM's, while making teir political consirns knows in political manners. There is no need for insults here in the ITTN.
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Going Back on Old Ways?
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