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 A Sweet Victory

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PostSubject: A Sweet Victory   Sun Sep 16, 2012 5:00 pm

Today, we the WCF have began our primary air operations against the New Zealand Rebel Forces. We started by conducting a strike on 2 primary targets. We rendered a military air field crippled and have taken out a primary supply line into and out of the Capital's main port. Air units have taken out 4 bandits; unfortunately we have lost one fighter. Ground forces will be starting their next offensive moves on the ground, to edge closer to the enemy Capital. Fighter patrols will begin near the enemy capita borders.

WCF 4 kills 1 loss
Rebels 1 kill 4 losses

WCF Tracker - 4 kills
WCF 42 - 0 kills
WCF 013 - 0 kills
WCF Bobby Hill - 0 kills, Bridge taken out as well as an airport.
WCF Eruption - 0 kills

Thank you,
WCF JCS Tracker
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VR-World News

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PostSubject: Re: A Sweet Victory   Mon Sep 17, 2012 9:59 pm

The New Zealand Rebel Armed Forces report civilian casualties, in and around the bridge area. 4 killed and 12 wounded, with 7 of them in critical condition with permanent bodily damage. Those in critical will never be the same. The capital and port is blocked. There will soon be a food and resource crisis, unless humanitarian aid is given. The NZRAF condemn the assault.
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A Sweet Victory
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