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 Uatian Take Over Of Iraq

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PostSubject: Uatian Take Over Of Iraq   Uatian Take Over Of Iraq Icon_minitimeMon Aug 18, 2014 9:26 pm

Ok, so like, the newly established Uatian Monarch in Iraq aims ate liberating most, if not all of Iraq. Lets talk about this concept for a moment.

In the VR-World, Iraq is divided on many different levels. As it is, we need to put these different factions on the map by finding out where their borders are in reference to one another, and the number of militants in each divided region, as well as their relations with one another.

GPEO occupies land from Kuwait on up to Baghdad, bordering Uatia, of which Uatia has full access to until enough Uatian forces can occupy it on their own.

ISIS occupies a region straddling Syria and Iraq, bordered with Uatia, on up to lean to the west on the former Corporatist, all the way up to the north where they constantly attack the Kurds. and move in former FSA forces in, using weapons that were supplied to the FSA from the CIA, which the FSA now gives to ISIS for their use.

The Corporatist forces north east of Uatian Baghdad defends against ISIS attacks and Islamic Brotherhood vehicle bombings. and they are making constant deals with locals for old Russian weapons, forming a hardcore black market in the region to survive, being stranded with low fuel.

The Islamic Brotherhood are working to secure their own Islamic agenda, as they try to figure out what to do with Uatia in their land. Trying to figure out if Uatia is going to be friendly to them or be a foe, as they move right through with vehicle bombs to secretly attack Corporatist to the north.

Uatia has established a base foundation in Baghdad and has started activating factories in the region, and is now starting to build a city west of Baghdad to further its modernization of the region, and is building up its military.

There are many unclaimed areas, of pure anarchy and independent ways of life, of which may have been what attacked Reverends group. (I will be commenting on this below, starting with a *). These anarchist regions are ruled by individual families, and there are many of these groups. Some are hardcore Islamic, others hardcore Saddam Loyalist, many are basic farmers, or are like the Taliban (or Amish). There are several Arab Oil field owners who help their local land, or oppress it, and they hold vast areas.


* I wanted to let everyone in the Behind The Scenes are know that before posting something like an attack, even if it is imaginary for the sake of keeping things exciting, I think we should all talk about it first, so every leader here will know how to react in the mainstream. As in, we plan together, figure out what most likely would happen, then begin our posts and work together to make some purely imagined thing into something more creative. Because if we work TOGETHER, we can get this all up and going nicely.

I do want to get all of our units placed on Google Earth, and updated somewhere to where we can have live video feed and unit placements in something like how VATSIM or FS-Open has aircraft showing. Like, the Rockstar *needs a good name change, like Crimson Tide, or Crimson Mist, lol.

Uatia needs to have its factory built completely before it would build UT-600's in the Iraqi Region. It might be able to build them in Siberia, but Iraq, not so logical yet. Need a good rail system to import lots of hardcore raw materials, laboratories, research facilities, of which Uatia most likely would be using labs and facilities of local universities temporarily, or tents and makeshift facilities for things. Baghdad, the universities ad technical folks there could do wonders for Uatia. I think that is the best option for a logical method for attaining proper engineers and construction folks, of which some might have been students form other nations, with the proper skills to train others in the region. Also, Uatia could have a proper recruitment and training program at universities. Iraq is not that far back in some things.

A good 50 UT-400's could put a hardcore hurt on ISIS. I recommend Uatia make a Warfare server with the Op For having AK-47's and PKM's, with the Islamic forces, and the Blue For with the ability to build UT-400's, and switch to Uatian weapons, to determine Warfare outcomes for when Uatia begins attacking ISIS. And have the Rebels be Islamic with a mixture of US/FSA weapons. I would also have someone play the ISIS side, so they can set up road side bombs, or car bombs. Will need to play Uatias enemy well, thinking of setting up lots of satchels in roads Uatian tanks most likely will go. Reverend, you think you could role play as ISIS good and strive to win ? Uatian tanks are no joke, lol.

Anyway, lets get a detailed idea of where each factions most likely will be using Google Earth, and then once we have all of their locations (us setting the battle field up), we should let our own members (not MC Sics or Reverend, I am talking your members) come up with a plan together, and see what they come up with. I am willing to help and would be ok with a good tactic, but personally, I think it will be more fun for the members if we set it all up as if we were the Intel gatherers, and let them see if they can figure out what to do. In fact, I think MC Sics and Reverend, you guys, should set this all up, and let your members fight you. You both playing as ISIS, against them in the Warfare. And see if they can do it for real. While you guys use dirty tactics like mines and satchel charges. Like, you both could set the server up, make both sides position hold after taking your half of the island, make a front line, then BAM, pop them embers in when the server is just right, give them command of one side, ad you guys mess with them with hardcore tactics. And I mean use AT cannons, Artillery, MG nests on hills, fortify posts here and there, etc. You need to be their Intel ans give them orders through the TS, but at the same time play as the enemy, then use that as an outcome. (I would love to do this with my guys). Maybe have Raz and that one guy join you guys against your forces, keep a balance, and take all advantages you can at taking out their HQ once they move it from wherever. Count the scores at the end (Have Mr Cats host so you can take image, lol). Count player on player kills, etc.

But yea, we need to work together, provide the members of our groups wit excitement, while at the same time making teh VR-World interesting.
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Uatian Take Over Of Iraq
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