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 UIA Intel - About FSXMC

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PostSubject: UIA Intel - About FSXMC   UIA Intel - About FSXMC Icon_minitimeThu Sep 16, 2010 6:59 pm

Known Terrorist Organization

Current Status - Unknown (Possibly Disbanded)

This group was lead by a joint leadership by 'John Croth' and 'Cable Guy'. Before the leaders of this group formed the FSXMC they signed up in the GPEO and several other groups, and underwent fighter training and practice operations. One of their pilots achieved 4 air victories to one of the Elite GPEO fighter pilots in a dog fight training exercise while using their F-18 HARV craft.It was believed that they had aims of destroying the most powerful factions in the FSX VR-World using their advanced technology to their advantage, most notably the 'F-18 HARV' (With Thrust Vectoring Capabilities). The FSXMC have achieved several victories on the FSXF, ACC and VMC, however the GPEO managed to shoot down one of their F-18 HARV craft, and had recovered it to later reverse engineer it.

The FSXMC have also infiltrated the VMC and attempted to break apart the GPEO and VMC partnership. They have disrupted and confused several personnel of both groups. The FSXMC's aims were to provoke a conflict between the GPEO and VMC, however their attempts failed. The leaders of this group have attempted to use political tactics to gain political control over the FSX VR-World, though their attempts at that have also failed. The FSXMC have since gone underground or disbanded. Their status is currently unknown though always in the back of the minds of faction leaders.

Since the FSXMC disappearance from the FSX VR-World the FSXRC and GPEO have begun a joint experimental program to utilize the F-18 HARV technology from the recovered craft that was downed. GPEO has since been the only faction to down one of the F-18 HARV aircraft in combat.
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UIA Intel - About FSXMC
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