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 UIA Intel - About USVAF

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PostSubject: UIA Intel - About USVAF   Thu Sep 16, 2010 7:14 pm

About the United States Virtual Air Force

The USVAF has some what of a significant history in the ACC (Allied Combat Coalition), however, there is not much known about thair hiarchracy, a member of the GPEO founded it named Coolman2007Gold.

The group was a small unit, operating out of Alaska, California, and might have possibly have operated in parts of Neavad. In these States the USVAF operated and shared some of the space in some of the bases such as, Elmindorf AFB (which is a base operated by an organization of the GPEO, the USEA (Universal Space exploration Administration). The base in Alaska was staffed by a good majority of the USVAF and USEA, however the USVAF were nomadic in most of the USA, and possibly parts of Mexico. Most of their personnel were citicenz of the Unitd States, and possibly Mexico.

The USVAF formed about a year after the FSX Revolutionary War, and started with a prommising web-site, however theire recruitment program might not have been as good as it could have been.THe most active members this group is rooomered to have is about 4-to-5, along with about 10-to-15 members all together.

The USVAF might have had several conflicts with other nomadic factions, and from what is known, they might have had some victorious operations against other groups, but this is un-confirmed and only based on roomers.

The USVAF were part of the ACC during the first parts of the ACC's war against the GPEO, however the USVAF did not participate in any agression against the GPEO. The USVAF might have eventually disbanded due to internal issues which might have also been because of the war (this is un-confirmed though).

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UIA Intel - About USVAF
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