International Telecommunications Transmission Network
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 Archangel Space Defense Network

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Ghost Eye

Ghost Eye

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Archangel Space Defense Network Empty
PostSubject: Archangel Space Defense Network   Archangel Space Defense Network Icon_minitimeSun Feb 05, 2012 2:26 am

As of 2/5/2012 at 0000 Hours the Archangel Space Defense Network was activated. A cluster of 34 Satellite are orbiting the Earth Providing: Space Defense, ICBM Detection and Lock On, GPEO Communications Network, Satellite Defense, and Earth Scanners. The Program was started 2 Years ago Under the Direction of Ghost Eye, The USEA Director of Satellites and CEO/Chairmen of Aurora Industries. Tech Used in this Program was based on Previous VM handing Ghost Eye Several Tech Designs as well as GPEO Tech already designed throught the years. One of the Satellites Launch was Broadcast Live and was attended by Several Other VM High Command Leaders. Several Launches have been carried out throught the 2 Years of the Program (34 Sats). The Archangel Space Defense Network is the most sophisticated, technologically advanced Space Defense Network in its Time.

-Major Ghost Eye
GPEO Air Force
USEA Director of Satellites
Aurora Industries

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Archangel Space Defense Network
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